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International Youth Debate Forum in Prague

International Youth Debate Forum in Prague

International Youth Debate Forum in Prague

In July 2023, the International Debate Youth Forum was held in Prague by the International Debate Education Association (IDEA).

The Georgian delegation selected within the framework of the “Debates for Better Education” project took part in the forum with full funding. Along with Georgia, 200 students from different countries of the world were involved, such as Japan, Finland, Austria, Estonia, Israel, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Latvia, and others.

Within the framework of the forum, students of the Georgian delegation successfully and actively participated in various training workshops. In addition, the specially invited international debate trainer, Keto Magradze, successfully conducted a workshop at the forum, where the students’ high motivation, involvement, and positive evaluations were seen.

An international tournament was successfully held within the framework of the forum. The final round of the tournament was held in the Prague City Hall, where all participants of the tournament were specially invited. It is worth noting the special achievements of the Georgian delegation at the tournament, including the victory of the Georgians in the debate against the Israeli and Spanish teams. The tournament was actively refereed by international debate trainer and judge, Keto Magradze.

In addition, within the framework of the international debate forum, we introduced foreign partner organizations and students with Georgian cuisine, for which we received special evaluations from representatives of various Asian and European countries.