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About us

2009, the Georgian Institute of Debate and Education (GIDE) has been promoting the development of the knowledge and skills needed for both young and adult people of argumentative debates through educational / formal debate. The main goals and objectives of the organization's activities in Georgia and abroad are:
• Teaching, promoting and disseminating educational debates by encouraging the creation of debate clubs in Georgia, schools and other educational institutions and coordinating their activities;
• Participate in the development of the Georgian education system through the implementation of targeted education projects, the creation of curricula, the development of an accreditation system and the development of guidelines;
• Promote the development of a full-fledged and free citizen by teaching debates to school children and students and by organizing special competitions, tournaments or educational camps for them;
• Participation in the development of civil society and the rule of law in Georgia. Promoting democratic and humane values ​​and bringing them to the public.

The founders and board members of the Institute for Debate and Education (GIDE) have been teaching formal debates in Georgia since 1998, have experience in refereeing and training at international tournaments, and have developed debate textbooks. Today, the organization coordinates up to 30 school and 10 university clubs in 6 regions
of Georgia, with a total of about 3000 pupils and students. Teaching debates in schools From 2004 till today debate clubs are formed in schools of Tbilisi, Kakheti and Imereti.
Teaching debates in high education institutions From 2011 debate clubs are held in Ilia State University, Tbilisi State University, Grigol Robakidze University, Samtskhe-Javakheti State University and others.
International debate forums
From 2009 ,,Georgian Institute for Debate and Education” sends students on international forums that are mostly held by an international network- IDEA. Camps in debates and public speeches
2013 -14 Camps were held with the partnership of ,,Georgian children’s federation” and were financially supported by PH INTERNATIONAL.

Karl Popper Debates in the houses of Justice
These were held in 2012 and financed by ,,Open Society Georgia Foundation”.

Students debates for supporting political reforms

The debate club in Akhaltsikhe 2013 was financed by USAID-GEORGIA and EWMI-G-PAC.

Debates for change

From 2013 debate clubs were formed in 6 Georgian universities and are financially supported by CIPDD.

Debate clubs for blinds
In 2013 debate techniques were taught to blinds by the financial support of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs

Debate Tournaments within students’ days
During the students days in 2014-2016 by financial support of Ministry of Sport and
Youth Affairs republic tournament for students was held. Debate clubs within ,,World Vision International”-Georgia In 2014-2017 debate clubs were formed in Georgia’s different Regions with the financial support of ,,World Vision”.
Debate club in crime prevention center In 2015 debate club was formed with the financial support of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

Debate club association- AnikaIn 2016 by the financial support of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs debate club was formed for youth with special needs.

Debate Training-course in Tbilisi State University
In 2016 with the support of Tbilisi State University’s Psychology and Educational Sciences faculty debate training-course project was held.Positive effect on youth of debates teaching program
2014-2016 research took place by the support of Erasmus Webb in Universities of
Frankfurt and Leipzig in Germany and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation in
Georgia. The research proved the positive effect debates program has on youth.

Championship title on the International Debate Forum
In August 2016 in Lithuania, in the forum organized by EC Erasmus + and YOUTH ENGAGEMENT THROUCH DEBATE, Georgian side won the debate tournament for the first time since the last 10 years. Law winter school for students These winter schools are held from December 2016 by the support of Tbilisi City Hall.


Parents involvement in school life
From march 2017 by the support of Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Focus groups take place for parents of school pupils (EFA).
Youth club network in Georgia
In 2017 by the support of President’s Reserve Fund debate club networks in three regions of Georgia were formed. Regional clubs platform in Eastern and Western Georgia
In 2017 by the support of National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development (TPDC) more than 500 teachers were supervised and prepared in the field of informal
education in the whole Georgia.

Independence for Freedom- network of school clubs in Georgia In 2018 with the support of President’s Reserve Fund school teachers were prepared and supervised to form debate clubs in Georgia.
Regional network of debate clubs
From 2018 till today with the support of Gurjaani City Hall there is an active work (trainings, practical activities, supervising, couching) with the public schools of Gurjaani municipality.
Supporting the field activities in Kazbegi municipality From august 2019 with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia clubs (in the field of mathematics, literacy and arts) were formed in municipalities of Kazbegi.
Debates and public speeches competition
In October 2019 with the support of Youth Regional Center debate camp was held for the adjarian youth.